Attitude impacts

We complain about our life, blame our self, others and worst even God. But it's our attitude which determines our destiny. Hard work, determination, perseverance would not give a 100% result but

Attitude = 100%
Attitude is a protuberance of the kind of life one want to lead. Attitude can drive you, make you prance over obstacles, unleash a creative force.
Our Attitude will drive us to the land of continuous sunshine and astonishing wealth, a destination where anything and everything is possible. The dreams and the attitude to achieve our goals are always stronger than the formidable obstacles in our way.
Time should be taken to be alone and communicate to the inner self. Listen to the heart, try to find the ultimate aim and we will find peace waiting. In silence we find peace. The more we strive and dream of accumulating wealth and possessions in this world the more we will lose panorama of peace because peace need a special place and our attitude towards our life determines our peace.

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